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Friday, April 14, 2017

Do You Know The Value Of Gold In You As A Human?

The Gold You are...

Sometimes because of the situation of things, because of the economic situation of our country, you're discouraged from doing the little you can.

But here is what I think

In you lies a lot of qualities admired by all, in you lies the ability to plant a smile on someone's face, to gladden the heart if the bereaved, in you lies a million skills, to everyone, you're a star, but there you are, sitting and sulking. Allowing your worries get a better part of you.

Need I tell you that a gold, no matter the carat, no matter the brilliance and sparks will never be able to beautify if it is always stuffed in the box?

What about the star, if the cloud keeps on, how would the stars of the heavens beautify the midnight skies?

What about the sun? People complain its too hot, yet, the day it doesn't feel like coming out, every human, animal grumbles. If the sun allows the cloud keep on, how would it add its own beauty?

Sometimes you just have to grab the life in you and push on, for success comes in trying and not in waiting or dormancy

Make a change today, stop the clouds of life from taking your shine.

Come out and glow and I promise you'll find that which you've always sought

©MrPinner 2017
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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What Does A Man Want From A Relationship With You As A Woman

For the umpteenth time, never allow sex be the only asset you've got to offer in your relationship with any man.
We men are like babies, sometimes we don't even know what we want from a relationship but in some cases, were hit by the greatest reality of all time and that's when you see us jumping up and down even if you're there in the home.
What does a man want in a relationship? Its definitely something other than sex. Call it companionship, respect and all that, but it doesn't end there...
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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Latest Way To Earn Over #10,000 Every Week

The young man you're seeing below is a craftsman. He made exactly #10,000 Onsite today and so i want to suggest to you the best way to earn 10,000 every week

Today he made over #10,000 just fixing keys to doors in one of the sites I'm managing.

The other day, I met a graduate whom I paid #8,000 for some odd jobs.

And that's how they make their money.

On another site, I have Mr Pedro who has been contracted to handle all tiling jobs for the entire building.
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Reason Why Everybody Must Not Be A Graduate

I remember Tony, my former neighbor from way back...
Growing up, Tony never liked stress, he saw going to sit in one hall full of kids trying so hard to make an A in English or mathematics as a big stress.
To us all, Tony was a bad egg, he's a bad influence, so we believed. A teacher at one time frowned at the class rep for sitting close to Tony, even parents living nearby warned their kids to never associate with Tony because to them, he's a very unserious child.
Time passed, kids became adults, Now men, we all as old students would at times organize a forum for old students to meet, talk and catch up like we used to back in the days.
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Monday, February 20, 2017


So John went out to hangout with friends and on this evening, he decided to enjoy himself in one of his regular spots, on this spot, he met Amanda (Names Altered to conceal identity).
Amanda was at the same spot with her boo. Boo won nairabet and decided to spoil her silly. Boo ordered some beer, BBQ and before coming out to the spot, he got a couple clothes for Amanda.
As they enjoy themselves, Amanda's boo went to pee and while he was peeing, John came to Amanda, spoke a few words and finally dropped what seemed like a complimentary card.
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I just have been in serious pains since morning ever since that useless pastor made that sermon.
After this sermon the idiot asked the younger ladies to cast and bind every Okada rider from their life, aside from this, he also asked them to pray against suitors living in one room apartments.
My sister come and see prayer, all the girls bent down, some even raised their hands up, others bright out their handkerchief and prayed like never before.
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

2 Important Chinese Words That Will Save Your Relationship

It was my 32nd year and as a single man, I was tired of it all. Everybody around me is beginning to look at me with some kind of corner eyes, even my parents frown at me each time I find time to visit them.
They want to carry their grand children, grand kids from their one and only son. This actually made it difficult for me to coexist among people without feeling uneasy. The last Christmas a woman had almost eaten me Up with her eyes when I stretched my hands to carry her baby who continually smiled at me.
At one time, a guy had almost pushed me off the way because I walked in between himself and his lover.
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Friday, February 17, 2017

Fiction: Adultery In NYSC Camp. Mr Matt Querries Aunty Vera

It was not a small issue last night my dear people I stood and watched as aunt Vera, a very fine neighbor was packed out and sent back to her parent's house by her lovely husband
Anunt Vera as I said is a very fine lady, her skin dey shine, her bobby stand, her lips are always red and she loves fine boys too. She is a married woman ooo. But she nor dey let fine boy waka pass.
Aunt Vera was a student but around august last year, she completed her degree and was posted this January for NYSC. I respected aunt Vera a lot but what she did took some part of this respect away (may be about 2%)
According to uncle Matt, when aunt Vera had spent a week on camp, he got a call from the NYSC that his wife is doing some corner marking. Not that she was actually marking the floor or a football pitch but as always, she was keeping some corner marking on some young male corpers.
3 days later uncle matt said he got a call that his wife has finally disgraced her wedding vows. She was doing some Oyibo play with corper fine boy.
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Please My Sister, Do Not Be A Gold Digger

be a gold digger

Many of you out there expect to have a perfect home or what I'll call a readymade happiness somewhere. But one thing you've failed to understand is that nothing good comes without the sweat of a man.
"My husband will have cars, big house and all the chores will be taken care of by the maids".

And so you'll begin to look for cars to take you on a ride, from rides to the bed and from the bed, you start picturing yourself living in the mansion, owning the car and being the General manager of the home.
Yes naa, You just want to walk into a furnished home, sit your ass down and eat all the good and groceries, watch TV, wear good clothes and ride the cars and call your self a human.
Maybe you've forgotten that behind every successful man is a woman. But if you've forgotten, I'll have you understand that he didn't acquire such wealth without the presence of a woman in his life.
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I Never Knew Nigerian Recession Affected Big Butts Too

Sometimes I Wonder if these girls have conscience at all. So you be fine girl, you walk the streets with a big, sorry a very huge butt, you also have big bress. And your hair looks good too.
I wonder how you managed to know I love those things you're carrying about and so I came close, we talk small,I collect number. That day pass.
The next day, I call, you came out, carrying the same assets. We hangout, drink small, chop small suya.
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S€x: The Most Effective Way To Make Love To A Woman

Always ensure you start the whole thing from the neck.

The truth is that Every woman loves the tingling, body-shuddering, goose pimples-eliciting, otherwordly sensation that courses through the body as it responds to the feel of the teeth (be subtle guys, this is not some Suya or Kilishi that you bite anyhow,  just bite gingerly), as it also responds to the feel of the tip of the tongue, as it gallivants around the skin of the neck.

As quickly as you begin to get the moaning and gasps, advance to the multi-task mode and watch out for the most pleasurable moments ever.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fiction: The Most Memorable Way To Celebrate Valentine

So the night came, she'd come from afar, we had fun like crazy, she's a fine girl, I be fine boy too.
Obudu was a Wonderful place to behold. The green landscape alone is alone to make a man cum, the food nko? so breathtaking.
To the dance hall, we danced and I actually had a little drama arranged when we stepped in the spot. It was a display of roses and so I arranged a very romantically decorated table for 2. Hired a violin also and had Nancy play it just as soon as she's seated.
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Monday, February 13, 2017

Nigeria Politics: The Monsters Will Come Again In 2018/2019 Election Campaigns

And so Richard Nwachukwu became a very bad leader. I loved my people to the extend that I beat them up each time they refuse to bow to me.
Every body grumbled and frowned at my method of leadership and since I was sure its not bad after all, I decided to make a presentation.
In this presentation, I gathered those in my cabinet that pointed corrective fingers at my modus of Leadership. To me, they were Ndi Ara, werey and ijiots who didn't understand the philosophy of the common man.
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