Monday, May 22, 2017

There Was A Country Called Nigeria

There Was A Country...
A country where all leaders are receiving awards for being gravely stupid and brainless.
A country where a senate personnel wears Matriculation gown to answer querry and later dance Mamako Mamako on YouTube... Chai
A country where leaders prefer to stash billion in buildings rather than use same to build infrastructures that would employ many
In my country Nigeria? Our health Care system are so equipped, even our president is currently going to buy syringe in London.
A country where the only thing we can boast of is our Degrees but no jobs to keep us engaged with the degrees.
A country with over 56% of the citizens are educated but unable to question the useless moves of our leaders.
We live in a country, we have oil wells down south, we have natural gas, but we can't even boast of 3 hours uninterrupted power supply.
My country Nigeria? A very blessed nation, we pray so much and forget prayers won't work, faith won't work without work.
This country? Healthy men are so weak, it takes a liverless president to lead them...
A country try where the president works from home, is that one country?
There indeed was a country, but Nigeria is not one. Will never be one till we begin to question these baboons that galavant about in the name of leaders.
Leaders of their own pockets
©MrPinner 2017
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Monday, May 8, 2017

Tithing: The Truth They Never Want You To Know About Tithing Finally Exposed By Ogbeni La

So many Christians are still left with great wonder as to the reasons why tithe is often hammered on by religious leaders, some are left with the question: Who eats our tithe.
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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Love Series: My GirlFriend Ep 4

.....A few hours passed, baby after eating demanded a lift to go see someone. According to her, he lives just over 4 towns away and I know taking her there would really mean a lot.

I actually want to go see this person that's been sharing her attention with me, that has always called each and every time I step out to get or do something.
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Friday, May 5, 2017

Love Series:My GehFren Ep 3

.....Seeing how I was feeling at the sight of that text, I knew I would wanna throw a punch on anything that comes close to me cos deep within me, I knew I was sharing this pretty woman with some man out there...

I'm certainly the stingy type when it comes to my woman! No let's say I'm the pride here, no one comes into my territory without a good fight and no male tastes my game while I'm still in the den.

It was such a cool night, I quickly picked a stool and sat close to her, this time I has my head right on her right arm, she tried to place her other hand right on my head but for the pinch of the needles running through her left arm.

By the time I woke up, I realized she wasn't right there on the bed. I was a bit worried cos I don't know if my fears have finally caught up with me...

Trying to clear my eyes, I gently turned and also yawned to free the sleep off my eyes. There she was...

She's actually had her bath, put on her favorite gown and coming closer, she reached me with both arms wide open. She extended that hug I've missed for a lot of days now and this time, she made it so tight.

My happiness all flew back, she's stronger now, in a few minutes we'll be going home. I will first take her to my place so we spend the weekend and have a good time for ourselves.

She added a kiss too, you know that kind of a kiss naa. You just don't want to kiss with all the strength in you cos you know she's not too strong. We kissed anyways. We're happy...

Seconds later, she went straight to her phone, she scrolled through the missed calls, she checked her inbox too. On checking the inbox, she threw a very rough stare at me and smiled. Me too, I smiled. Wonder what she's thinking that's making her smile.

We finally got home just a fee minutes after 9, we talked a lot in the car. Stepped down to open the gate, drove right to the front of the door and reached for the passenger side.

Lifted her off the seat and gently carried her inside the sitting room. Dropped a hug along with a "Welcome home honey"....

" You know I missed you so much right?

She smiled... I left to get a few stuff of the trunk and hurried back inside.

On getting inside, I saw her standing just beside the window with her phone on her left ear....

"I'm sorry I couldn't call you back last night, the thing is I was fast asleep, don't worry, just a few hours later, I'll come over at your place so we can have a long talk"... She told the caller.

I was frozen, with my heart pounding like the mortar of an Edo woman pounding YAM for her husband.

The items I'd picked from the trunk almost fell off my hands as a more anger grew within me.

Who could this caller be?
Why does he always have to call each time I loose a time with her?

Has he been sharing this fine geh with me?

Is it her dad?

But why would he send a text calling her a "Jewel"

Well, time will tell...

To Be Continued....

©MrPinner 2017
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Love Series: My Girlfriend Ep 2

...I tiptoed to the corner, just behind one of the slender columns that transfered the dead load coming from the slab that held the upper floors of the hospital

He really kissed her forehead and dropped a handipack along side a very prettyful rose flower.
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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Love Series: My Girl Friend Ep 1

Boo called, she wanted us to meet at her place. Its been a while since my last visit, since we last spent time with each other. I was a baht guy! All thanks to my New Job.

I was able to walk a walk from the office and getting to her place, I could see a lot of sand at the front pavement. Wonder if somebody even lives here.
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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

These 31 Achievements Of Peter Obi Qualifies Him For A Presidential Ticket Come 2019

I wasn't joking about Peter Obi...... You want his achievements? Take some;


1. Anambra was the first State to commence Sub-Sovereign Wealth savings, the first of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa. At a time many other Governors were leaving huge debts, I left the equivalent of $500 million Dollars in investment as well as local and foreign currency, including $156 million in Dollar-denominated bonds.
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Matrimony: Don't Be Fooled, Most Men Won't Know The Value Of A Woman Till They Try Doing What She Used To Do

Then I went to the market, I actually bought some fish and beef, on getting home, I realized the fish I bought was a bit spoiled. I was mad a little.

As a good guy, went to the kitchen to spice and fry the fish for some nice jollof which I always enjoyed.
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Career: The Best Career Advice To A Jambite

Sometimes ago, a teenager whose name I've decided to conceal in order to protect her identity reached me through an email and asked me a very touching question...
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Monday, May 1, 2017

In the History Of Nigeria, There Is No Governor Like Peter Obi

It's only in Nigeria that the person who even tried better than the others is being crucified for not trying even more.

I'm from Enugu but was born in Onitsha before the creation of the new Enugu state. We lived at Awada, then moved to New market road, to Obosi and finally to Nkpor, before my father was transfered to Enugu state after the creation of that state. I lived in Enugu state for over  17 years of which 6 years was spent in a boarding house at CIC Enugu, so you can as well say it's 11 years and Anambra for a total of  13 years. It was only during the time of Peter Obi that I felt proud to even say I was born in Anambra. I have never been so proud being an Igbo man than when I heard and met Peter Obi.
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By Charles Ogbu.

Let me start by categorically asserting that the Buhari presidency ended months ago. What we are currently experiencing is a Deja Vu of the Yaradua situation. Sadly, there is no Dora Akunyili to save Nigeria in the real sense of the word. Even sadder is the fact that the bunch of soulless hypocrites like Pastor Tunde Bakare, Father Ejike Mbaka, Femi Falana etc who pretended saving Nigeria years ago have all gone deaf, dumb and blind now that Nigeria is in dire need of saving.
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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Education: The Ills I Find With Our Educational System and Its Policies

I wonder how an educational system, policies and guides would be planned by a man/woman who'd never held a chalk nor been in the classroom once before.

You want a group if student to acquire a good knowledge all from the classroom, but you forget there are some topics that even graduates are yet to understand.
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Lifestyle: Reason Why You Need To Be Real In Everything You Do

That day I copied from my class mate, I Submitted and scored 6/6. It was Calculus which I actually don't have a flare for.

Later on, the lecturer caught and asked me to take a through the same course since I was so good at it, I began to flop. Suddenly sweat drooled down my armpit. My feet nko? They were shaking and I post my self confidence.
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